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Simply Beef

A Division of Rubicon Ranching Trust
Since 1960

From our grassy fields along the Oregon Coast and Coquille River Valley to your Kitchen.

100% grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free Certified Angus, Lean Limousin and Shorthorn Beef, packaged and shipped to your specifications.

Simply Beef!

~The Way Nature Intended~

About our Beef


  We have been raising and exhibiting beef cattle since 1960. It has continued as a family operation ever since. We raise Angus, Limousin (lean) and Shorthorn cattle. Thus Rubicon Charter, which is a division of Rubicon Ranching Trust, can market certified Angus Beef, Lean Limousin Beef, and Shorthorn Select beef.    

 Our cattle are born and raised on large open pastures, some of which are hundreds of acres in size. Cattle graze our pasture free range all year, and are supplemented during the winter months with leafy green hay, most of which is grown locally. The cattle are never given growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. No animal by-products are ever fed to our animals.

    Our calves are with their mothers until they reach about 700 pounds. They are then weaned and turned out to grass pastures until they reach approximately 1300 pounds, at an age of between 16 to 24 months of age.

 Our ranch supplies beef for you to enjoy at home. You can purchase various assortments of beef, packaged and frozen. Available in select packages, ¼, ½ or whole beef. Shipments can be air shipped or delivered

   Our beef is slaughtered and processed at a local USDA licensed and inspected facility. The entire process is closely monitored by federal inspectors. All meats are cut and packaged to YOUR specifications.

 We offer a Select and Raise program, where you select the animal from the herd and we raise it to your specifications.



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